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ALD Converter
Compact, energy efficient and scaleable technology for direct CO2 capture at low temperatures
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We are a team of entrepreneurs based in Portugal, Germany and United Kingdom advancing ALD Converter technology, which allows to scale direct carbon capture cheaply using a proprietary method of vapour-solid conversion. The author of the carbon capturing method is Dr. Sergey Aladyev (Madeira, Portugal). Also, he is the author of the EU patent related to the method. We are actively seeking partners and investors to build a prototype plant
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Our technology, ALD Converter, is safe, compact, energy-efficient and allows to scale CO2 capture from air or industrial emissions

Compact and Low-Cost
ALD Converter is compact, allowing for low-cost construction and installation at existing premises. Large processing volumes and rising price of CO2 quotas promise a quick pay-off
Easily Scaleable
Our technology allows to extract significant amounts of CO2 from the industrial emissions, overcoming a major obstacle our competitors are facing with scaling operations
Tested Process
Carrying out CO2 extraction by achieving significant supercooling in supersonic nozzles allows to capture a large amount of carbon. EU patent No. EP3912703 is granted. Technological process has been tested

ALD Converter Process Chart

How It Works:

Original gas mixture cooled to about -75o C enters a supersonic nozzle, where the supercooling takes place. The supercooled mixture then enters the extraction chamber, where gaseous carbon dioxide crystallises on the surface of solid CO2 particles that are fed into the inlet. This gas-solid mixture then enters the cyclone, where the solid particles are separated from the gas phase. Part of the solids is returned to the extraction chamber, and the remainder is removed. Gas mixture from the cyclone is directed to the main heat exchanger to cool the original gas emissions, reducing energy costs. The emissions then enter the refrigerator, where they are cooled down to the temperature required to enter the supersonic nozzle. The ice particles from the water vapor in the initial mixture formed during the cooling are separated from the gas stream in the cyclone and can be used further in the heat exchanger for pre-cooling to pre-cool the original mixture.
For more detailed description of the method click here.
Business Opportunity
Size of CO2 Market
As EU sets out to cut CO2 emissions by 600 million tons by 2030, size of quotas market will reach at least 50 billion. Market for liquid CO2 used in enhanced oil recovery may be worth as much as $78 billion
Business Model

Our business model is based on sale of CO2 capture units and licenses for CO2 extraction

Companies purchasing our carbon capture units will offset their emissions and profit from sale of CO2 quotas
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